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It all started in 1986 when Robert Rodriguez won the critics award for Best Designer of the Year at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he attended as a fashion student.


Barely two months after his graduation, he would become an apprentice for the house of Christian Dior New York, who had inspired him as a child to become a designer.


He learned and practiced the traditional skills of couture, he discovered the love and passion for the beauty of handmade creations in which still inspire him to this day.


Robert Rodriguez was born in Havana Cuba. His Heritage and background are a reflection of his colorful persona. His memories of the beautiful tropical island stayed with him through the years; as a result many places and things still inspire him to this day.


Two decades later he built a brand that is embraced and desired by women all over the world.


In 2010, he was inducted by the Council of Fashion Designers of America the mission is to strengthen the influence and success of American fashion designers in a global economy.


Robert Rodriguez has always delivered ready-to-wear for a woman who is strong, confident, and sophisticated. For him, it has always about making real clothes for real woman. Robert dresses a woman who transcend real lives – who want to look beautiful yet effortless. He celebrates the freedom of form and movement through his designs, re-imagining her wardrobe staples, understanding the needs and beauty of femininity that has become his iconic signature.


His ideals still remain, collection after collection he has applied his skills to his work and the result has always been iconic pieces that express both a masculine and feminine approach to his design aesthetic and passion.


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