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Robert Rodriguez had a singular desire: to create an elevated, modern wardrobe that would make women feel beautiful. And so a new line of luxuriantly detailed, easy-to-wear clothes was born: robert rodriguez, with its effortless, implacable cool ensuring that the focus is always on the woman who wears them.

The result of nearly two decades in the fashion industry, Rodriguez’s new venture is fueled by his appreciation for contemporary art, design, and above all else, a certain elegant restraint. robert rodriguez is for the woman who doesn’t succumb to trends or need her clothes to speak for her, who loves a long, lean line and classic tailoring but who also celebrates freedom of form and of movement, relishing the re-imagining of her wardrobe staples in decadent fabrics intended for everyday. Seasonless silhouettes come replete with refined details but are never anything but effortlessly understated in their approach—robert rodriguez is for the woman who has enough to worry about without worrying about her clothes.

This sense of ease rings through the robert rodriguez collection, which is designed in Los Angeles and produced overseas using Italian fabrics. Incipient conceptualism and eccentricity are jettisoned in favor of something grounded; a sophisticate’s compendium, one that delivers a window into a future that seems suddenly knowable, surmountable and easily plotted—even if only because now, you finally know what you’re going to wear.


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